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Global Children

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168 West 86th Street
New York,  NY 10024-4023
Phone: 917-359-7085

Our Vision: Empowering Through Education. Global Children is dedicated to rebuilding Cambodia's future. Instilling self confidence and promise to youth from underserved communities and orphanages through education, the Arts and character development.

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Real Life Story

From the beginning, Global Children's goal has been to improve the welfare of orphaned young adults through education and the opportunity to cultivate knowledge & skills and share their loving spirit with Cambodia's future generations. Over the last 12 years, Global Children has acquired an 86% graduation rate with the 24 young adults who have entered our program. We continue to provide an intellectual & motivating environment, allowing our students to become productive professionals & self-sufficient citizens. Learn the story of one of our students: "Hello my name is Korn Masika. I am studying at National University of Management. I was an uneducated girl growing up. We didn't have food, and rain went into our hut from the leaking roof. That forced my mother to stop my siblings & me from studying. At that time I regretted this because I loved to study. I could not afford to go to university. I wanted to take the national exam to be a state teacher. Because I was in a difficult situation, the president the high school that I attended introduced me to Global Children. Then I started my studies at university, and since then I have been supported by Global Children. With Global Children's support I am getting an education. The important thing is that I can bring this knowledge & share it with my siblings and neighbors. If I hadn't gotten support from Global Children my life would probably be dark like my childhood. I want to be an educated person; I want to work with the society. Most importantly, Global Children has changed me from an uneducated girl to an educated girl. Education is very important for people. For me, personally, nothing is better than knowledge."

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