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Dream Factory, Inc.

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410 W. Chestnut St.,
Suite 530
Louisville,  KY 40202
Phone: 502-561-3001

The Dream Factory, Inc. grants the dreams of critically and chronically ill children ages three through eighteen. It has been proven that mental health is very important in improving the quality of life for children facing serious illness.

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Real Life Story


When the Dream Factory found out about six-year-old Dominic, we were told he was battling leukemia and did not have much longer to live. His dream was to become a fighter pilot.

The Dream Factory enlisted the help of the National Guard. When the Guard found out it was a "rush" dream, within a week they whipped together a dream Dominic would never forget.

Upon his arrival, Dominic was presented with his own custom made flight suit. With the assistance of Maj. Scott Reinhold, Dominic's training took place in an F16 simulator where he quickly became an ace by shooting down enemy aircraft and then made a perfect landing on his first flight.

From an observation booth next to the runway, Dominic watched low approaches and landings and was then escorted to "his" F16 complete with his name on the hood. He was then towed around the runway in the plane.

At the end of the day, Dominic was commissioned as the youngest Air National Guard second lieutenant in front of a standing room crowd.

Remarkably, a year and a half later, Dominic will be entering the 2nd grade this fall. He and his flight instructor for the day have become fast friends. Maj. Reinhold has visited Dominic's school to talk about the Air National Guard and Dominic has been able to visit the base and spend time with Maj. Reinhold.

Dominic is a fighter in every sense of the word.

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