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Rainbows for All Children

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614 Dempster St
Suite C
Evanston,  IL 60201
Phone: 847-952-1770

65 million children struggle with profound loss every year. Rainbows provides support to youth whose families have experienced death, divorce, military deployment and incarceration.

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Real Life Story


My name is Kathy, and I am 11 years old. I was 9 when my Mom died. She died of cancer. I felt so useless. It was hard to see someone you love suffer so much. After she died, I was angry. Everyone was hugging my Dad, whispering things I didn't understand.

For a while, I wished I had a broken arm--at least my friends would know how much I was hurting. They would be nice to me and ask how it happened. And they would sign my cast, so I'd know I wasn't all alone when it hurt....It's a lot harder for others to see that your heart is broken, harder still for them to help you through the pain. But RAINBOWS did. At RAINBOWS, I talked with other kids who knew what I was going through. We shared our stories and everyone listened. It felt so good to talk about it. My RAINBOWS friends helped me to accept what happened, and how to talk about it when I need to, instead of keeping it locked up inside. And I don't feel so alone anymore. I hope RAINBOWS will always be there for boys and girls like me who have a broken heart.



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