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A Child is Adopted

(aka) Americans for International Aid and Adoption

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2151 Livernois Suite 200
Troy,  MI 48083
Phone: 248-362-1207

Bringing children without families together with adoptive parents through international adoption, while providing humanitarian aid to children in need, in the US and overseas.

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Real Life Story


How would you feel if your children were sleeping on the ground in a shack that leaks when it rains and cold when the temperature drops at night?

In the village of Xela, about four hours from Guatemala City, One Child At A Time/Americans For International Aid and Adoption is building homes for 30 displaced families. The project is overseen by Teri Littrell, an American nurse who has worked in the village for a number of years providing health and education services to the indigenous community.

The first house, shown here, was built for a husband, wife, and their four children. They were literally living in a tar paper shack, with no room to even lie down together to sleep. Now they have a new home, albeit a modest one.

The homes are being constructed by local tradespeople assisted by volunteers from churches in the United States. Each house consists of one room with basic furniture of beds, a few chairs, and a cabinet to hold household goods. Total cost is $1,000.

This is an example of people to people philanthropy. It is what we do with your contributions - one child at a time.

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