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National Children's Advocacy Center

(aka) National Children's Advocacy Center Inc

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210 Pratt Avenue
Huntsville,  AL 35801
Phone: 256-533-5437

Not every kid has a happy childhood. Let's change that! Supporting intervention/treatment programs for sexually and physically abused children, abuse prevention education for families and professionals.

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Real Life Story

The National Children's Advocacy Center was the first Child Advocacy Center (CAC) in the United States. Today, more than 900 other CAC's have been established based on our model in Huntsville, AL. Our goal is to provide the best intervention and prevention services to local children and families, as well as, train others, nationally and internationally, in best practices that can be implemented in their own communities.

"Kelly", a 16 year old girl, was referred to the NCAC after disclosing that she had been raped and sodomized by her stepfather. A coordinated investigation was started by the NCAC Multidisciplinary team comprised of the District Attorney's office, local law enforcement, child protective services, and NCAC staff. A forensic interview was conducted to help find out the facts of "Kelly's" case. "Kelly" was given a medical exam and began receiving free therapy services at the NCAC. She began working through her sexual abuse and self-esteem issues with a licensed NCAC therapist. "Kelly's" mother left the abusive stepfather and began working with a NCAC Family Advocate to help protect her daughter and help her through the healing process. The NCAC will continue to see "Kelly" and her mother as long as necessary.

As a result of the coordinated investigation conducted at the NCAC, the stepfather has been charged with rape, sodomy and sexual abuse all in the first degree. The case is scheduled to go to trial and if convicted on all counts, he faces up to 208 years in prison.

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