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(WACAP) World Association for Children and Parents

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P.O. Box 88948
Seattle,  WA 98138
Phone: 206-575-4550

WACAP is a champion for children, finding and preparing permanent families and offering lifelong support after adoption. For over 40 years we have worked tirelessly with the belief that there is a family for EVERY child.

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Real Life Story

In 2014, Chinese officials asked WACAP staff to travel to China to meet children in orphanages who were in need of adoption. There we met Jonah and Rees, two boys with significant cranialfacial differences. These boys had the cards stacked against them - they were older, would need complex medical intervention, and were not related, although they had bonded like brothers in the orphanage. WACAP staff went to work taking photos and videos of the boys, learning about their personalities and asking the orphanage staff to tell us what made these boys special. Then we told their story to as many people as we could--and through this advocacy we found Brian and Kimberly. Not only were they willing to adopt both boys, but they had experience parenting children with similar medical issues. Thanks to this advocacy which is solely supported through donations, a family was found. Jonah and Rees came home to their new family as brothers.

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