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Surgeries for Children in Need

(aka) Childspring International, Inc.

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1328 Peachtree St., NE
3rd Floor (Childspring Intl.)
Atlanta,  GA 30309-3902
Phone: 404-228-7744

Childspring provides life-changing surgeries for children in developing countries and, as a result, transforms communities.
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Real Life Story


As a small child, Melissa developed a tumor in her left eye and became blind in that eye by the age of three. A few years later, Melissa bravely underwent surgery in her country to remove the tumor and her eye, leaving her with a deep hole on her face. Melissa recuperated from the surgery. However, her eyelid sagged, giving her eyes a mismatched appearance and discomfort. Melissa needed an eyelid lift, in addition to a new ocular prosthetic, in order for her eyes to match her beautiful personality, so additional surgery was needed. A big fan of Cinderella and an enthusiast of all types of art projects, Melissa bravely faced treatment for a new eye.

She faced each appointment with calm and composure beyond her young age. After a successful surgery and prosthetic fitting, she was able to return home to Honduras just in time to celebrate her 13th birthday with her family and show off her new looks as a "teenager." We have no doubt that she feels now confident of herself and will have no problems attending school and knowing that she is a beautiful teenager ready to study and concentrate on becoming what she wants to be in life.